Favourite Words:

"Allah doesn't give us more burden than we can bear"

Monday, January 2, 2012

Hari Baru Sekolah

Alhmadulillah....sekolah pun dh bermula utk sesi 2012.Harapnya semua berjalan lancar. Tahun ni akuerazam utk jadi guru yg ikhlas dlm mendidik anak2 murid, semua harus difikirkan secara positif, terus berusaha utk slebih cemerlang dalam keluarga dan juga career. Ya Allah, Kau kuatkan dan tabahkan hatiku dalam menempuh semua dugaan, dan semoga rezeki yg aku perolehi berkat utk kuberikan kepada keluargaku...ameeennn.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Ramadhan Datang Lagi...

Bertemu kembali
Dengan Ramadhan

Ku rasakan bahagia menyelubungi...

Ya Allah...daku bersyukur...

Kau pertemukan ku semula...
Ramadhan yang mulia...

Alhamdulillah...Ramadhan datang lagi...feeling so humble and down-to-earth after listening to the song...rasa bersemangat untuk menjadikan Ramadhan kali ini better than before...Thank you to 'Brothers' , the nasyeed band for singing this song...

Untuk kesempatan ini, marilah kita sama-sama mempertingkatkan amalan dan juga ibadah kita ke arah yang lebih sempurna...insya-Allah..semoga Ramadhan kali ini memberikan lebih sinar, barakah dan kemuliaan kepada kita...sama-samalah kita rebut peluang ini...

Ballighna Ya Ramadhan...Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Last weekend, we went to Wangsa Walk, Wangsa Maju. At first, we planned to watch Lagenda Budak Setan. However, it was cancelled as the movie was no longer in the cinemas. So, we just planned to have a window shopping there. As we were walking, Atheef Fathi popped this out:

Atheef : Abah, jom kita main bowling nak?
Abah : Tak payah la main, kan kita dh gi jalan2 ni...
Atheef : Hmmm, tak payah main la kan...tapi abah, kita dh lama tak main bowling...sian kt atheef. nanti Atheef main masuk longkang je...
Abah : hmm...Atheef pandai ke main?
Atheef : Atheef pandai, Ummi tak pandai, masuk longkang je...

Eh..eh...tetiba je Ummi dikenakan...Atheef, Atheef... :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mandi Sungai

"Kita pergi mane ni ummi?" Atheef asked.
"Adalah..." abah helped ummi to answer that question...
"oooo...adalah..." Atheef replied.

Sian Atheef...hehe...but....here we come lil boy....Nur Laman Bestari Eco-Resort, Ulu Yam.

I was so excited last week when abah asked me and ummi to mandi kt sungai...from what he told us...the river was ssooooo clean and clear...so we went there about 8 am...

When we arrived, i was so shy at first as i never go to any sungai...mandi laut pun sekali je..kt Langkawi...

So...i started to play by the river with abah.

Atheef started not to let his abah hold his hand

Getting a bit braver...

Now with ummi... "Ummi, mcm ni la berenang..."

With his Ben 10 float...

Anyway, tq abah and ummi for bringing me here...i enjoyed myself so much and am hoping you can bring here again!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Take Me to Your Heart...

Take Me to Your Heart ... a song by Micheal Learns To Rock...the first time i listened to this song was 3 years ago...the words...the melody and tone...very nice to listen to...as i love the band...the first cassette that i bought for my whole life was from this band...when i was 11. at that time, MLTR was popular with this song "That's Why You Go Away"....the song was also my first English song that i memorized!!! Talking about the song Take Me To Your Heart...actually this song is in the English Module KIKA Program...so...i downloaded the vid from youtube to be played in my class. suprisingly, my students love the song very much..they said that they have heard and listened to the song before, but they didn't know whose song was that...so we sang together in the class...whenever the students felt sleepy, i played the song to them...:)..that why in my FB status today, i wrote "even though i'm exhausted, but i'm happy..."

Take Me To Your Heart

Hiding from the rain and snow
Trying to forget but I won't let go
Looking at a crowded street
Listening to my own heart beat

So many people all around the world
Tell me where do I find someone like you girl

Take me to your heart take me to your soul
Give me your hand before I'm old
Show me what love is - haven't got a clue
Show me that wonders can be true

They say nothing lasts forever
We're only here today
Love is now or never
Bring me far away

Take me to your heart take me to your soul
Give me your hand and hold me
Show me what love is - be my guiding star
It's easy take me to your heart

Standing on a mountain high
Looking at the moon through a clear blue sky
I should go and see some friends
But they don't really comprehend

Don't need too much talking without saying anything
All I need is someone who makes me wanna sing

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Atheef's Play Time...:))

Mid November, we went to Jusco Setiawangsa, just for window shopping...There were not so many people shopping at that time (may be because of the mid Nov, the gaji belum masuk lagi...)...the items sold were quite ok...tak mahal n tak murah..cam biasa2 je...like the other Jusco...the shopping complex was different than the other Jusco...it was quite ok...not too big nor too small...just nice...the surounding was clean and fresh...i wasn't sure whether the place was really clean or the weather ath that time was fresh...but i was soo happy with the place and weather at that time, cool, quiet, beautiful...ada playground la...mcm2...atheef and my hubby pun suka...what makes this Jusco different was its air pancut(kata Atheef) ...kat sana ada air pancut and the kids are allowed to play there...so..ape lagi si Atheef, at first he was unsure whether to go or not...but..last2 dia pegi jugak main...abis basah...below is the clip showing Atheef was enjoying his play time there...layaann...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Doa Makan

Atheef Fathi dah pandai baca doa makan...seawal usia 1 tahun 8 bulan...dia sudah pandai baca doa makan...alhamdulillah...:)...bangga dan gembira juga hati ni...ape2pun...perjalanan masih lagi jauh dlm mendidik anak kecil ini...:). Ummi dan abah doakan semoga Atheef berjaya menjadi doktor hafiz suatu hari nanti, Insya-Allah.