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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Korean student...


:) . This smiley indicates my feeling right now... Just wanna share what i had yesterday.

IZUDIN...the name reminds me of a tall skinny boy wearing spectacles in Kuala Krai...I chatted with him last night via FB chat...what a coincidence! so terkejut meeting him as we havent talked for quite a long time since i left Krai 2006...patut la tetiba je teringt kt diorg(my first batch yg i ajar di sana), rupa2nya nk jumpe dia di FB...:)

Taking chance chatting with him brought us to year 2005 when we shared our feeling and stories happened to us in that year...hahaha...hmmm...i was a fresh graduate teacher who had been posted there in 2005...so first class was his class, 4E.

Still remember when i asked him to 'ketuk ketampi' for his uncomplete work! when he got down, his hair 'terbang'...and when he got up, his hair turned to normal...all of us in the class laughed for what happened to his hair...turned out to be like the chinese guy in American Idol...since that, they call him e-wong!

I was so surprised getting to know that he is now in Korea furthering his study in mechanical engineering...not expecting him to achieve such a high performance in SPM...but 'tuah ayam nampak di kaki, tuah manusia kita tak tahu kan'

Anyway, i am really proud of him for what he has achieved! To Izzuddin, always be the best!

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