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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Welcome Back


It's been a long since i didn't write on this blog. not really sure on how to manage this blog actually. the last time i wrote was in my IT class with Sir Nazeri when i was taking KDC (Kursus Dalam Cuti), a Diploma of Education Course. He has taught me how to start to have a blog...Credit to him.

Hmm...what to say??? Hmm...i am currently spending my school holiday since Hari Raya Eiduladha with my son...without my husband...he's quite busy with his work, projects, loads of assignments and need-to-attend classes. it's ok dear, both of us understand your commitment towards your jobs and study. we just pray and hope success will be yours in whatever you do...Chaiyok!!!

Too many sweet and sour experiences and times happened in this holiday. i don't want to list out the sour, i wanna share the sweet ones.

1) Hari Raya Aidiladha (of course). this year, 2 cows were slaughtered for the Qurban. it was a really happy gathering when all relatives came to my parents' house to celebrate this raya.

2) Our 4th Anniversary. hmm...alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah for His Mercy to bless our marriage. Without His love, we wouldn't be able to be together for these 4 wonderful years :). we are looking for great and happy years ahead. But, the sad thing to say is, we didn't have time to celebrate it together as my husband was to go back to KL for his work. I am looking forward to celebrating with him when he comes back to kampung.(can't wait!!)

3) Our brother is back again!!! We are really happy to see him back in the normal situation. Thank God for giving him chance again. Hope he really recovers from it!!!

Ok, got to go now as my mom's calling me to help her in the kitchen. i was told that our lunch menu for today is Sup perut, Daging Bakar, Ulaman and Budu. Hmmm...bestnyer...ok see you in the next post.

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